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15 July 2008 @ 10:33 pm
Tulip Header Tutorial  
Going from this: flowers to this: step 11.

1. Crop your image, resize, sharpen, whathaveyou. I went with a 900x300 size for my header, and chose not to sharpen at all, because I wanted a very soft image.
step 1

2. Duplicate your base, set to Screen at 100%.
step 2

3. Create a new fill layer, color #ebebeb, set to Burn at 100%.
step 3

4. Create a new fill layer, color #013d70; duplicate it twice (for a total of three layers). Set the bottom two layers to Screen, set the top to Subtract, all at 100%. (Photoshop/PSP users, this step is essentially an exclusion layer)
step 4

5. Set this gradient by pagina_nova to Overlay at 100%.
tut gradient by pagina_nova step 5

6. Set this texture by bambinainnero to Overlayat 100%.
blackout-bambinainnero (9) step 6

7. Set this texture (also by bambinainnero) to Overlay at 100%.
blackout-bambinainnero (8) step 7

8. Set this texture by ohfreckle to Lighten Only at 100%.
lights06_sanami276 step 8

9. Set this texture by [?] to Multiply at 90%.
cmult step 9

10. Create a new fill layer, color #e09395, set to Multiply at 40%.
step 10

11. Rotate this texture by ______unwritten 90 degrees clockwise, and resize to a width of 900px. Set to Overlay at 100%.
8 step 11

12. Add any text you might like, and you're done! I'd love to see your results.